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CHiP 11-18-2009 12:47 AM

Nissan of the Month Official Rules

Only NissanClub Members (not staff) will be eligible to enter in the contest.


- Only 1 picture MAX in the Entry Thread, so post the best pic you have of your Nissan.

- Once you submit a photo, please do not remove it.

- All entries must be a Nissan vehicle.

- You must be the owner of the entry you send in. No pics of a buddy's Nissan to get in the contest.

- Pictures that have been altered (photoshop, paint, any editing software, etc.) will not be accepted, but you may blank out your license plate if you wish.

- After the entry period, a "final five" will be randomly drawn and entered into the voting polls for the contest.


- Voting for NOTM will be open to members for 1 month (note: voting for the end of the year 'NOTY' contest will be open for 2 months).

- Any finalist that wins a NOTM contest must STILL be a member in good standing at the conclusion of the contest. If not, the runner up will win first prize.

- Do not enter into a following months contest while serving as one of the final 5 finalist.

- In the case of a tie, the finalist with the earlier join date will win. If there is the same join date too, then the Nissanclub staff will vote to see who wins.

- Do not create fake accounts for votes. Every vote is monitored by the Administrators and cross-checked to see if the user account is valid. Finalist that cheat, as well as members that help finalists cheat, will be BANNED from the website.

- No soliciting/campaigning for votes in threads. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the contest.

- A reasonably sized NOTM advertisement in your sig will be provided by NissanClub if you're the finalist. No advertising for someone else.

- Members with a 0 post count have been restricted from voting.

- Cannot apply to compete in NOTM for following 2 months for breaking rules.

- Rules are subject to change. Should a situation arise that can't be resolved by these rules, the Administrators will work out the details.

- If you win a NOTM, you're not eligible to enter again.

The prize for winning NOTM is chosen by the vendor/sponsor of that month. A picture of the winning car will be posted every month on the homepage. Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

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