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  • stevea13 ·
    do have pics of the harness you made for the base to nav swap
    im having trouble finding pinout for the 2017 nav unit i bought
    i would think there are adaptors for atleast pluging into the oem dash plugs and if i can find the oem males that go to unit i bought then i should be able to map it
    Billgrandpapa ·
    Mabey u can help me please 2000 Nissan Altima no power to every thing in car like there is no battery even with new one will start and run but nothing else works what could it be please help if u can tell me what to look for
    asis975 ·
    Hello D0ugmac1,
    I have never changed brake fluid on ym altima 2004 it still a factory fill fluid. i check the level and it good but its very dark in color almost black do i need to change it ? if i do need to change it what type and brand do i go with ?
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