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Just Bought it. I want to recommend a product that I have had a total success with and was on my mind when I bought this little car with horrid looking black rubber bumpers. CAR BRITE Inside-Out Detailer, spray cans will restore any color and works fantastic on any tires!! Looks Great on Tires, nice and black, semi shine, Durable thru many, many rains that come from living in Huntsville, AL. And it works on all types of plastic trim color immaterial. In 1968 I bought a BMW 2002 Ti, it was fantastic, never again achieved. I went thru a ton of cars, but the moment I saw this little 5 SPEED vehicle, Baby Beemer it screamed to me. I think it will be a Really Fun Car.
1989 Nissan Sentra (Silver)


Engine is virtually brand new, fully rebuilt, to include improved heads. Engine being so good was primary reason for buying it. And the 5 Speed Transmission. Wrap the upper and lower with the Gloss Black and tint out the lights. Probably add a Simulated Carbon Fiber Antenna or Black. In the suspension photo it looks like one is there already!
The interior per se is in good condition, but who thought a Silver car should have a Brown Interior is Daft! Going to go All Black. Seat Covers and repaint the side panels. The Dash is trashed, so hope can fill, sand smooth and cover with something, not sure. Any and all suggestions to resolve and end up with a black dash that is Cost Effective is solicited! I know a can of Black Interior Tint will be used a lot!
Silver and Black, Raider Colors! I am wrapping the hood proper and vent area with a Medium Carbon Fiber Wrap, and will probably continue that materiel up the A pillars, over the roof. Have not finally decided whether to end the wrap with the roof contures, or to follow down the C Pillar to body line. Painting the Door Frames Semi Gloss Black. Wrap lower splash panel below black character line with Black Gloss Carbon Fiber to tie front and rear bumpers together. Apply same Wrap to rear Fascia Panels above and below Tail Light Assembly.
I have Sony DIN unit, and sub-woofer with box and 400 watt amp to put in trunk. Need smaller sub-woofer box!! Note the Cracked Dash. Have not found replacement, even on the Net! So gotta fix it think! Found Black Seat covers from JC Whitney, no rear covers.
Wheel and Tire
Right Now, Budget Funding's Deportment has approved the following modifications: Paint wheel proper semi-gloss Black, polish trim rings, remove center cap, get chrome lugs nuts. One Day, hope to find a set of Konig wheels like these on Amazon fit in there. Buy Rims from Direct, buy Tires from Tire Rack, better deal than from Direct, $20-30 in my case, plus I was able to go to 14" rim with 195X65X14 Tire! BHIG'UNS!



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