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Fairlady Z
Black on Black
I bought my beloved Fairlady Z a couple years ago, and have just been trying to build it up a little here and there, but Texas keeps kicking my in the balls on having a nice vehicle.

It all started within the first month of getting the car... On the 3rd week of owning it, a deer jumps out in front of me, and causes $4500 in damages. After 1.5 months in the body shop, I get it back, and things are going great.

Then come March 2017... I take a normal trip to the store to get a few groceries, and a few minutes before I leave the store, it starts to to sprinkle. As I am leaving the store, the weather goes from a sprinkle to a torrential downpour in literally in 5 seconds. The drainage in the town is so horrible, a 2in puddle turned into 8-9in's in a matter of 3 seconds.. Bam!!! Hydro-Lock..

After fighting with the insurance company for a month, my Z sat at their chosen mechanic shop until March of this year. So she and I have had a bumpy start, but I will not give her up.. I love my Z, and will push it home to fix it, before choosing to get rid of her. :-)
2006 Nissan Fairlady Z (Black on Black)


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