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Sky Blue
3.5SL 5AT Frankenstein
This car is originally 2003 2.5s Altima. One day my lovely mother asked to borrow my car since hers was in the shop. Without much thought I tossed her the keys and said she might need some gas. She leaves and shortly after my gf comes by to pick me up. Later in the day we are riding close to the mall and I see my car parked underneath a truck with hazards on... long story short she rearended this dude and it was all her fault. Truck had a little scratch on the trailer hitch and by the looks of my altima it was totaled. We agreed that the truck can just go and that I will have to take care of the rest. I tow her home and this is when I decided to upgrade the front end. Its october 2005 and I pull out the altima for the first test drive after the accident. At this point it already has the se-r front end but not yet painted, car drives smooth as butter and I park it for a month or so till I had enough $ for a paint job. After that was done, I just couldnt stop upgrading it and to this day I have a long list of things I want done. I rescently finished up the v6 swap i had going on for some time. All components are from a 2006 altima. Only thing thats not 06 is the bare shell. Well part of it lol, shes Frankensteined. 05 ser front end, the rest of the shell is 03. Motor, trans, harness, interior is all 2006.
2003 Nissan Altima (Sky Blue)


3.5l v6, Magnaflow single exit exhaust, Megan Racing headers, Custom WAI
BT Designs in-trunk lighting, new carpet, new leather interior
06 Se-R conversion, 5% tint all around, Gloss black trim, Black bezel LED Tail lights
aux input, 15" Kicker L7 in a custom box, tuned to 35 hertz, cheap amp tryina burn it up.
Wheel and Tire
summer: Helo 20x8 rims with a nice offset, 225/35zr/20 Nitto 555s

Winter: Stock nissan 350z wheels, 17x7.5 F and 17x8 R. 225/55/17 falken 612s


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