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  1. 2000-2003 Nissan Maxima Gen. 5 Discussion
    I recently had to change a tire that popped completely and the size rims I have are 17’ the tires I have in them are 235/45/r17 I’m wondering if this tire size is okay and I’m looking to get an alignment what tire brand is good I’m willing to spend 450 on a new set of 4 and what else should I...
  2. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    Hey all Im going to be buying a Maxima in a couple weeks. Im looking for a car at reasonable price that has performance and room for my son. I owned an old 91 SE 5 speed (loved that old car). I drove that thing to over 300,000 miles and ended up selling it to a friend that I'm pretty sure is...
  3. 2000-2003 Nissan Maxima Gen. 5 Discussion
    Good morning, I have a Nissan Maxima I purchased from my friend and the only thing she noted was that the engine idles rough. The car was purchased back in July 18th, 2019 from my friend and I drove the car and even used the car after purchasing and no issues were experienced. The only major...
1-3 of 3 Results