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    Hi guys I am wondering if someone can help me. I'm finally going to get rid of my 94 S1. It's been off the road for 8 years. Still starts but needs a bit of work for sure, exhaust manifold and suspension probably the main things to start. I am wondering if these cars are still of interest to...
  2. B14 1995-1999 Nissan Sentra & 200SX Discussion
    If anybody is interested in watching a youtube channel that features b14 content as well as other cars and just want to see fun content surrounding cars. Check this channel! If anybody knows other channels that have content on the b14’s let me know...
  3. B14 1995-1999 Nissan Sentra & 200SX Discussion
    Just got a new 1996 Nissan 200sx SE-R and I’ve been looking for body kits that fit this car. I’ve been looking online and searching for 200sx SE-R body kits but it seems as if all the ones on the market are for the Silvias. Any help?