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altima 2019

  1. *NEW* 2019 NISSAN ALTIMA Discussion
    I have not heard back from the adjuster or Collision center, do you believe it is totaled? I hope not....
  2. Spankie1 2019 Altima

    Done so far_ Tinted, 20in Rims, Air bag suspension, Rear wing spoiler (factory painted), Front lip splitter (stillen), BMW look mirror covers (factory painted), Blacked out window trim, Wrapped door handles, LED white headlights, LED interior lights, Flashing tail lights, LED reverse lights, LED...
    I’ve been getting the AEB malfunction warning very frequently these past few days. After switching off and restarting the car, it goes away for 10-15 mins and comes back up. I have cleaned the radar a number of times as well. Unfortunately the car is not under warranty. Can anyone help? (I live...
  4. *NEW* 2019 NISSAN ALTIMA Discussion
    Can someone point out to me where to jack the front and back of the car besides the pinch welds? Didn’t see anything that looked to promising on either end.