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  1. 2013-2018 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5)
    Hello! I really like the Altima SE-R wheels, and am looking at a set to put on my 2013 Altima 3.5 SL. They’re the same diameter wheels and tires as the 2013 3.5 wheels. I’m just unsure about the offset and width. Has anybody put the SE-R wheels on a 5th gen, and how’d it turn out?
  2. 2005-2006 Nissan Altima SE-R Discussion
    During a recent rain event in New Orleans, I drove my 2005 Charcoal Gray SE-R through a puddle I shouldn't have. Then stupidly I tried to re-start the vehicle multiple times. Long story-short, shop says the engine is toast. The rest of it is tip top though (I only had like 80k miles on it), and...
1-2 of 2 Results