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  1. F.A.Q 2007-2012
    I have a 2012 3.5 Sr and i noticed yesterday that my rear left subwoofer (behind my head rest) was making a winning sound and if I play a song with light bass, it get louder. but prior to that, an hour or so before i was driving and I heard a loud pop. I don’t usually listen to pretty loud...
  2. Car Audio / Multimedia / iCE
    Hey I'm hoping this can help anyone out with the following information about radio wire colors with pin numbers on the specific plugs for the radio and speakers for a 2016-2018 Nissan Altima SV but I am guessing it's for more than just my specific model. I used this information for installing a...
  3. Car Audio / Multimedia / iCE
    Hello all, I have a nissan rogue 2009 with the Bose Audio system. Recently the volume stopped working. When I move the audio Knob I don't see on the screen volume letters at all usually when you move it the volume letters appear and with a number, When I move it nothing happens. Everything else...
    I've purchased a blue tooth adapter for my Bose factory radio and it has USB and Aux hook ups. I've see altered units with an aux put a jack in the spot below the tune button. Are there plates that can be put there?
1-4 of 4 Results