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  1. Windows & Locks not-functioning from the door panel switches only, oddball??

    2013-2018 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5)
    Howdy fine Nissan owners. I am new here and searched related topics but could find what I'm dealing with exactly, so, my odd electrical situation. My power windows and locks aren't working via the door panel switches I checked all fuses and tested continuity, and the result was all good...
  2. 2014 Altima Throttle Actuator Control/Limp Mode

    2013-2018 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5)
    I had my 2014 Nissan Altima in Park running for about 3 or 4 hours. I was working on some electrical upgrades, and my friends wanted music and heat, so I turned it on. After I was done I went to pull out, and now it won't go above 5 miles per hour, and seems to be in a sort of Limp Mode. The car...
  3. Need Help - 02 Altima 2.5 S

    2002-2006 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5)
    Bought a 2002 Altima 2.5 S that needs some work. 173,000 miles and the Engine and Trans are great. Started off needing a power steering pump and a flex pipe on the exhaust. So I drove it home and the next day the serpentine belt broke and the car overheated. luckily i pulled it over after...
  4. -22° AC Wont Run

    2013-2018 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5)
    Hi guys, I have an interesting problem with my 2013 Nissan Altima SV. I was involved in a front end collision several years ago and after the repairs were done, my AC was always very flaky. This problem Only persists when my car detects the outside temperature to be below 32°. It is totally...