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  1. The Ultimate Lighting Forum
    I just replace all of the interior and exterior bulbs with LED's. The passenger side back light is not working though I did plug the whole unit into the drivers side to confirm the bulb is fine which it is. Is there a separate fuse for each back up light? Where are/is the back up light fuse(s)...
    This car is new to me, I had it for 2 days with no issues and then on the third day the power drivers seat, all power windows, sunroof and indoor lock buttons stopped working and since then periodically work (most of the time not working). This all started following a trip to a tire shop where...
    Where is the fuse for the rear license plate light located? Just replaced the bulbs & it made no difference. Tried to look it up but getting frustrated cuz I can't find the answer anywhere.
1-3 of 3 Results