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  1. 2000-2003 Nissan Maxima Gen. 5 Discussion
    Hey all, 2k2, 6 speed SE 99,230mi. Noticed a faint broken fan noise almost like cards in a bicycle spoke a few weeks ago and now it’s very loud and noticeable. At first it sounded like it needed oil but the level and color are fine. I only hear it when I take my foot off the gas and the car is...
  2. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    Ok everyone hello i have. 2006 Nissan Murano 2wd it has 223000 miles on it(yes I know it’s a lot of miles) any ways I bought it from pick in pull like a year ago all I fixed was a sensor and spark plugs and lower control arms and it passed smog but now about 1 month ago it’s has started...
  3. 2007-2012 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5)
    The other day I was driving and my Altima stopped pulling, I pulled over and the car shut itself off. I had a family member boost me off and the car was just fine. So the next day I took it to Advance Auto Parts to check my battery and alternator, the code read “bad battery” so I went to Walmart...
  4. 2009 - 2014 Nissan Maxima Gen. 7 Discussion
    Hey guys. I have a 2011 Nissan Maxima. Recently I was doing an interior mod to the head unit which required me to disconnect the battery. After reconnecting the battery, everything worked well, except i noticed something weird with my fob. The fob is now working terribly. The doors have trouble...
  5. 2007-2012 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5)
    Nissan Altima Crank Angle Sensor is located underneath behind the back side of the motor left of and up from the oil pan. When I cut the white wire (sensor wave output) Nothing happens? The car continues to run and has no effect what so ever. Does this mean the sensor is defective
1-5 of 6 Results