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  1. Autonorte PH #1 Engine Oil and Car accessories in Northern Philippines

    Hi everyone! Wanting to introduce ourselves, we are Autonorte PH we cater to car preventive maintenance parts and car accessories here in the Philippines. If in case you are residing here, hit us up for your car needs. Our website is Thank you Nissan Club! More power.
  2. 3 strange behaviors 1 with AC, 1 with heated seats, the other with notification lights 2020 Altima SR

    1- When I switch vents from floor and defroster or dash and floor to defroster, the AC turns itself on.. 2- When the passenger heated seats are used- and I turn it off. get to where i'm going, then when I stop the car and start it again the heated seat turns itself on. 3. For some...