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    Hello! This 200sx s13 with a ca18det is for auction sale at a local insurance company, as you can see the engine is fire-damaged but not severely. The question is if there's a lot of things that are damaged that you can't see in the picture like for example stuff behind the firewall? Otherwise...
  2. B14 1995-1999 Nissan Sentra & 200SX Discussion
    Im looking to give my 200sx a stanced look, I see eBay control arms but They are for 240sx and Japanese 200sx, does anybody know if those parts are identical ?
  3. B14 1995-1999 Nissan Sentra & 200SX Discussion
    Just got a new 1996 Nissan 200sx SE-R and I’ve been looking for body kits that fit this car. I’ve been looking online and searching for 200sx SE-R body kits but it seems as if all the ones on the market are for the Silvias. Any help?
1-3 of 3 Results