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  1. 2001 pathfinder won't crank after turning off in reverse

    F.A.Q 1993-2001
    Trying to install back up camera tapped into reverse lights wasn't working shut car off in reverse to keep the lights without running the car. Car would not start after that reverse lights wont turn on neither will license plate lights. Crappy obdii scanner reads P1605. Tried starting in all...
  2. Intelligent key problem

    F.A.Q 2007-2012
    Hey everyone I’m new here and i hope that we will share good information in here I have a problem with my car 2010 Pathfinder Se with twist knob and i can lock and unlock the car with it but when i get inside the car I can’t turn it on i have to stick the key into the ignition to start it, any...
  3. 2014 Pathfinder Smoke Show at Startup

    Nissan Trucks & Off Road Forum
    Hi, I am new to this site and new to owning a Pathfinder, so I am hoping you guys can shoot me some pointers. Well I have this issue with it making a smoke show out the exhaust when I start my 2014 Pathfinder S up lol. It has 104k miles on it. Doesn’t matter if it is cold or hot at start-up it...