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  1. General Nissan Altima Discussion (1993-2001)
    I am now responsible for the "family car" that has been sitting in the back yard of my grandmother's house for around a decade. It's a heavily modded 1994 Nissan Altima, and I think it's worth restoring because: My dad and uncle both once drove this car, so it holds sentimental value It's a car...
  2. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    Hey Fam, Names Tj, I wanted to share with you all this fantastic all in one shop designed and geared for anything JDM. Roberto Victoria at RAV Performance is known in south Florida for the builds under his belt and The Shop is known mostly for the RB and JZ platforms but he's no stranger to any...
  3. Nissan Trucks & Off Road Forum
    I have an old 95 Nissan hardbody pickup. It’s the rwd 5 spd manual and I want to turn it into a sleeper car/truck and make it way faster then what it is now. My first thought is obviously an engine and tranny swap but what would you guys recommend for something like that? And if it is an engine...
1-3 of 3 Results