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  1. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself!
    This is a website for sports news, racing events, and the latest racing news Interested in this sports news, you can see more related news at Ned21pilot here!
  2. B13 1991-1994 Nissan Sentra Discussion
    Hey everyone I just got a 2018 Nissan Sentra S and I was wondering if sport mode if safe to use primarily? I notice the transmission/engine gets way louder in this mode and I was wondering if this puts unnecessary strain on the engine and transmission? I cant stand the slow acceleration and...
  3. Pre 1990 Nissan Sentra / Pulsar / NX / Etc Discuss
    I'm having a hard time finding replacement door interior and dash. As well as the clips for the trunk. But honestly any source at all for replacement parts for this car would be amazing. Any and all help is much appreciated. Side note: When I bought the car the guy, who happened to be the...
1-3 of 3 Results