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I have the same exact problem with my 2008 Nissan rogue with the Bose amplified system I bought the harness with the RCA jacks on them hook those up to the preamps on my kenwood DMX4707s parazon everything I can hear that the Bose amp is powered on as well but I get absolutely no sound from radio CDs or Bluetooth only sound I do get is from the system beep that you can turn on and off in the stereo itself other than that nothing I put two different aftermarket stereos up to confirm it's something up with this rogue but the rogue stock head unit with the 6 disc CD changer by Bose functions absolutely perfect so I am quite confused even tried to hook up a line converter output from aftermarket to radio harness feeding the amplifier still nothing if anyone can help that be greatly appreciated I am going to start putting my toner on wire soon to see where they go to study the wiring more if that's what needs to be done but I've never had this problem in a car before
1 - 1 of 6 Posts