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2006 Nissan Maxima 3.5L V6
with Rough Shift to "R" & slow in "D"...
smoother driving in manual drive but after the 1st Up shift, shifts straight up to 5th and continues to drive rough.
Oil leak somewhere causing smoke under hood after 10 minutes of driving.
Dash is illuminating the lights: TCS off, ABS, (red)BRAKE, SLIP, & Engine Light with codes #P0300 Random misfire, #P0011 VVT camshaft advanced, & #p0340 Camshaft sensor A bank 1...
Repairs on vehicle so far for ANY matters have been both Camshaft sensors, Valve covers, spark plugs, front struts, power steering pump, MAF sensor.
Next attempt is both VVT solenoids...

Detailed opinions, solutions, resolutions, suggestions, expertise, advice please?
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