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Hey there forum, long time no post. I've decided that I want a more sporty (two seater) car, so I'm posting my Altima for sale. 2008 Altima 3.5SE CVT with 70k miles.

I need to get a lot more recent pics, I'll work on that over the next week (the pics here are 3 years old). Here's what differs from stock on this car:
  • Brand new struts and Eibach springs (less than 5k miles on them)
  • 19" Maxima wheels (no TPMS. Tires probably need to be replaced within 5k miles)
  • Glossy Black vinyl roof
  • Transparent red vinyl tail light overlays with reverse cutout (install could have been better)
  • Racingline exhaust Y-Pipe
  • Nismo Aero kit (front, sides, rear)
  • Third party rear trunk spoiler with brake light (clear coat is pealing)
  • Tints (35 front 20 rear I believe)
  • Painted fiberglass eyelids
  • Carbon Fiber side mirror covers
  • Carbon Fiber rear diffusor
  • K&N Intake
  • Racingline Front Strut Bar
  • OEM fog lights
  • HIDs (5500k I believe. Bulbs and ballasts were installed 2 months ago, but there is some flicker, which wasn't present on the previous ballasts I had)
  • Drilled/slotted rotors

I kept the OEM springs, side skirts, exhaust y-pipe, intake, and rotors - so that stuff will also be included.

There's 70k miles on it. Regular oil changes every 3k miles/3 months. CVT fluid was changed by the dealer at 45k miles. Car was in a cosmetic only rear end accident about 2-3 years ago, just the rear bumper cover needed touched up. The front Nismo Aero spoiler is a bit banged up. There's two areas on the passenger side that need some body work/touch up from scraping against a pole in my parking garage (note to self, don't let roommate move your car). The clearcoat on the aftermarket rear spoiler is pealing. I'll get some pics together soon. Basically, it's in great mechanical working condition and just needs some cosmetic touch ups. Asking $11,500 obo. I'm located in Culver City, CA.

Again, these pics are a few years old - will update with newer pics

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