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Robbor D Ring,Tie Down Anchor 6,000 Lbs Breaking Strength(4PK)

When You are in the Journey Its Very Important to Make Sure That Your Cargo is Tied Down and Fully Secure.Not Only is Unsecured Cargo a danger to you , Your Passengers and Your Fellow Drivers,but It Can Also Cause Damage to Your Trailer,Pickup Truck Bed or Vehicle Cargo Area,As Well As to The Cargo Itself. This Tie Down Anchors are Easy to Mount in any Trailer ,Truck or Full-size van. Best Together With Our Cargo Straps.

This Durable D-ring Tie Down Anchor is Designed to be Surface Mounted and Add a Convenient Anchoring Point for Cargo Straps, Ropes or Cables. It Comes with a 3-1/2"x1 -3/16" Mounting Bracket and Two 7/16" Diameter Mounting Holes, Spaced 2 3/8" Apart, Center to Center. This D-ring is Plated In Zinc to Withstand The Elements and Offers a Capacity of 2,000 lbs.The Large Flip-up D-ring anchor Point Folds Away When Not In Use, and is Versatile Enough to Accept Most Tie Down End Fittings.