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I lucked out and got a new set of 17" rims for a very good price. Fortunately, you can get artic alpine 215-60-17 tires from tire rack for about $90 each and shipping. From their location to my place in NJ, the total for 4 tires was $380. I looked for other 17" sizes and they were not to be had. Even the 16" sizes are rare and more expensive. BJ's had my tires in their book at $89 each but the distributor couldn't get them. However, they took the tire rack tires and mounted them for me as if they were purchased at BJ's. Unfortunately, the guy mounting them didn't realize that they are directional tires and had to re-mount 3 of them.

I think consumers report said that they were overall the best winter tire around for both snow and dry driving. I have been very satisfied except that the tire is larger then then the stock size and now when the speedo reads 60mph, I am going about 62mph!. Also noticed that acceleration off the line isn't as good but look out if you go from about 25mph. This morning I just hit the gas about half way and in a flash, I was up to 70mph.........and it was smooth :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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