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Yep got myself in oddball here, paid 330$ for it. Had a bad Clutch slave cylinder that took me 20 minutes to install, then the alternator died, so I replaced that, now the power steering pump died. Such is life with a cheap car lol. Anyways, I am on here for a handful of little things.

Problem 1, Battery light is stuck flickering, it didn't do it before I put in a new alternator, I put a voltage gauge on it and it is between 14.4-14.8 volts regardless of (electrical) load or RPM I have just kind of ignored the light because the voltage gauge should let me know if it's about to die

Problem 2, the damned door ajar light. It seems that one of the door sensors is out of adjustment and the light stays on almost continuously. This is annoying but I can't find where the little car actually senses when the door is open or closed, I suspect either the drivers front door or the rear hatch.

Problem 3, Oil consumption, seems like I have to top it off about once a week or so with a quart of oil. Starves on left turns. Doesn't seem to leak a whole lot (4-5 drips after driving) And it doesn't puff blue smoke out the exhaust, perhaps it is blowby that is getting sucked through the pvc system? Not sure.......

Problem 4, Power steering pump, Anyone have a write up on an R&R?

Problem 5, CV axles, Anyone have a write up on an R&R?

Problem 6 Rear struts, I can's seem to find them anywhere!!!! and once again, Anyone have a write up on an R&R?

Beyond that it runs, drives, turns and stops well, the interior is in immaculate shape and there is almost no rust anywhere besides the corners of the front fenders, and even that isn't rusted through. Maybe eventually it will get a C18det motor swapped into it, the current motor is pretty sluggish.
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