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91 SE-R, U-12DET swap, used to be nice
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So ive got this this classic SE-R... I have to sell it. Cant part it out. Anyway, just putting out feelers to gauge interest. This car USED to be awesome. It has sat now for 4 years without running. IT LITERALLY NEEDS EVERYTHING. You name it, it probably needs to be replaced. Turbo? You betcha. Engine? You could fix it. Coilovers? Trash. Wheel bearings? Uh huh. Paint? You better believe it. Dash? Yes sir. It is solid, and could be repaired to its former glory as a corvette, mustang, camaro terrorizing machine for probably $5-7K. Would make a great track car. Im thinking the first $750 with a trailer can take the ole girl, and all of her spare parts.


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