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Seems my wifes Altima is notorious for having brake problems. There are a couple of other small things, but I won't waste your time with those. Everytime she hits the brakes coming off the Interstate, there is a vibration that runs through the floor board stating from the back. I suspected the rear brake drums were warped. So, I drove it and got up to speed on the highway, and pulled on the emergency brake a little. Sure enough, there was that vibration.

Her Altima will be going back to the Nissan dealership for the FOURTH time for this problem! The first time it was supposedly the front brakes, and the guy had the rotors turned. he said they were "scortched". The problem was still there afterwards. My wife drives like an old lady, soI know this car isn't abused. Especially since there is never any sign of brake dust on the hubcaps.
I'm sick and tired of this dealerships warranty service. If they don't fix it right this time, is there someone I can call to file a complaint about all this?

My last Nissan was a 89 Sentra and that thing never had one problem. Is Nissan slipping on their quality?
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