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Hello everyone,
Thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s my first post on the forum but I simply can’t bash my head against my car alone any more.
So to start off, this is the first car I’ve ever worked on myself and I know very little about the car, or audio in general.

To start off, I also think it’s the limited edition model of the car, but I’m not sure. The deck I’m using is a pioneer mvh-x690bs. I’ve cut out the stock harness and attempted to hard wire to the car. This is the colour guide I have been using. I also don’t have the stock plug for the deck. I bought a red wolf 16 pin wire harness. It came with a extra green wire I’m also a little unsure of. The wires are listed car to deck colour

constant - pink to yellow
Accessory - blue to red
Ground - I was using the black and red wire which I think is actually the power antenna?(will be moved to chassis)
Illumination - red and yellow to orange
Dimmer - currently capped off

The blue wire from the radio harness is connected to the remote wire from the amp in the back. In the back I have a kenwoood x501-1 And a punch 450.4 150w duel/4 channel. There’s also a kaption 15” sub.
I have four speakers, two door two rear, pioneers and kickers. They are all directly hardwired to the punch amp, and the sub is connected to the kenwood. I have a 500k e2 capacitor that gets the power from my battery first, then into the kenwood. I have the power wire bridged to the punch amp(as well as the remote and ground) the capacitor and amps are grounded to the chassis in the trunk. I have rca cables from both amps running up to the deck.
Here is the issue. The speakers and sub won’t turn on. I’ve checked with a volt meter that everything is getting power(the power light is blue on the punch red on the kenwood). The deck turns on, says it’s playing. Just no audio.
That’s where I’m stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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