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Hi folks,

Thanks for taking the time to read my troubled post. I'm hoping I can get some hints on how to fix good old Betsy.

The SES light has been on and off for a month or so, and I finally got my hands on a error reader. I scanned it and 2 errors came up - P1491 and P0442.

I did a search in teh forums here and it points to possibly a leak in the evap canister, but before I try to fix this baby, I'm wondering if I'm going down the right path or not....on to the next observation..

My car also has what looks to me like a surging issue when idling at a light. When I stop, the car rpm moves up and down, and if I watch the head light reflection, these are also surging. This is a tad weird.

Yesterday I got into the car and I started it, and the emergency break light lit up (break was NOT on) and the battery light came on as well. As I drove away, after the first 10 sec or so, both of these lights disappeared. Could this be an alternator issue?

Any help would be much appreciated !!


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