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Hey Guys:
First post here. I am a 2003 Touring original owner. Six speed, 37,000 miles, but I hydro-locked the motor. In 2013, I got caught in a downpour in Detroit, and the sewers backed up(imagine that). I tried to drive through about 8 to 10 inches of water. The car stalled. Water was sucked into the throttle body and into the cylinder(s), but the car cockpit remained dry. Engine could not be turned over with a 2 foot breaker bar. Saved cash for two years, then had car towed for engine replacement in June 2015. So sad, two new remanufactured engines from Jasper Motors would not run correctly, third engine from another remanufactured company is ready for install. Last time, the drivers side exhaust caught fire and melted my bumper. My local Nissan dealer said one exhaust cam was about 180 degrees out of time, which dumped gas into the exhaust and it caught fire. Jasper disputes this, and has now refused to let me use their engines a third time. I hope to get my Z back on the road, but could use some advice too! third engine is supposed to be installed tomorrow, the installer thinks all will be fine. I have my doubts. I am looking for ideas of what else may be wrong if(when) the third engine won't run properly. A second dealer is needed, but a good tuner's experience would be a big help too!
Thanks, and Regards,
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