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2003 Nissan Color Code Description

AG2 Aztec Red
AX2 Inferno
AX5 Merlot
AX6 Redline
AX8 Brickyard
AY3 Molten Lava
A15 Sonoma Subset
A16 Atomic Orange
A17 Le Man Sunset
BW9 Majestice/Midnight Blue
BX5 Just Blue
BX7 Electric Blue
BY1 Vibrant Blue
B16 Crystal Blue
B17 Daytona Blue
CV0 Sand Dune
CV2 Iced Cappuccino(Nasty!)
CY0 Burnt Copper
C15 Deep Bordeaux
DY2 Mystic Emerald
D12 Camoflage
D13 Canteen
EV0 Sunlit Sand
EW3 Solar Yellow
EY1 Velvet Beige
E10 Sunburst
E12 Luminous Gold
FY0 Seascape
KH3 Blackout/Super Black
KR2 Dark Silver
KT3 Sterling Mist
KV3 Gray Lustre
KV8 Silver Ice
KV9 Radium
KY0 Chrome/Sheer Silver
KY1 Sheer Silver
KY2 Polished Pewter/Granite
KY4 Molten Silver
QM1 Cloud White/Avalanche
QX1 Glacier Pearl/Pikes Peak White
QX3 Satin White
R10 Sunlit Copper
WV2 Polished Titanium/Silverstone
Z33 Envy
AG01 Semi-Flat Black
AG02 Dark Gray Metallic
AG03 Med. Gray Metallic
AG05 Med. Gray Metallic
AG64 Charcoal Gray
LK95 Graphite
LK98 Silver

Resident NICO Mod
5,972 Posts
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lol, sure, just make the check out to me and leave the amount blank. I'll fill that part out for ya. :)
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