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2005 Maxima just buzzes no crank no start

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Howdy from Carolina. I tried to start my Maxima 2 weeks ago it was completely dead. I switched out the battery and the fusible link. The lights came on in the car after I changed the fusible link. I had a tough time with the fusible link because it was welded on! I used the wire cutters to cut off the lug nut and about an inch of the positive battery cable. I went to the junkyard and cut off part of a battery cable from another Maxima. I spliced the junkyard battery cable and the original positive cable and voila I had lights inside the car.I tried to crank it nothing!So I changed the starter I tried to start it I heard one click and a loud buzzing sound. The car never cranked. I plugged in the OBD2 and I got a body throttle code. I was thinking it may be the ignition switch but I may just need new battery cables..a little help please I'm stressing out here!!!!
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Today I turned the key to the on position for about ten minutes. The whirring sound happened as soon as I turned the key to ON. I turned the key back to off again after 10 minutes. Then I turned the car to start! Then I was able to start the car!!! However the idle sounds off and the check engine light is on again! I read the codes with my OBD2 scanner and I got

I can kiss those new boots from Aldo's goodbye.Sigh! I have to buy an EVAP canister and mass air flow sensor. Just changed the thermostat a few weeks ago and I just saw a leak under the car. I felt around the thermostat housing though and I didn't feel anything wet. I read that the o rings can wear out on the water pump and cause leaking. Hopefully this is the case.
I already ordered a new throttle body because the whole body costs less than the sensor. I ordered an ignition switch too I'm not sure if I need it yet though. I have to check Ebay's return policy on the switch. I'm going to hold onto it just in case.

Recap car started after doing a reset thing I read online. I have new codes to deal with and I am pissed about that! And I have to figure out what the heck that whirring noise is!
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