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At the end of 2019 I discovered my 2006 Altima S which I bought in Aug 2018 has a leaking head gasket (apparently this is common issue on this engine)
My car runs fine compression is fine just stumbles slightly in the early morning for like 5-7 seconds due to pooled coolant in cyl #3
So I decided to rebuild the engine
I have bought a remanufactured head, Cometic headgasket, (thank you AMC49 for the advice) with all new head bolts
My engine already had several powder coated parts (strut brace, MAF adapter etc) so I decided to powder coat the Water pump housing, water inlet pipe, lower thermostat housing and upper thermostat housing. I am also powder coating my valve cover and chrome plating the Intake manifold collector.
Has i tear down the engine im also replacing Timing chain, water pump, oil pump, and fuel injectors (since i have to remove them anyways)
Becker ignition coils (i have these on Maxima already and love the performance) and new NGK V-Power plugs
Im discussing with a fabricator creating an aluminium crank pulley with a harmonic balancer (will let you know on that one)
My cooling parts and valve cover are already sent off to powder coating.
and ive already received the new engine head
Below is my car...


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