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2007-2012 B16 SER SpecV 2.5L - Oil Pan

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Hey all, I couldn't seem to find this thread in the list so please excuse me if I am asking about something that has already been asked.

I have a rotting oil pan on my 2010 SpecV (2.5L). Replacement oil pans are nowhere to be found on this planet as none of the parts suppliers online or in my area can seem to source the part. Of course I called the stealership and they are quoting me upwards of $400 for the oil pan. A quick search on google brought me to several listings on ebay and other places for an oil pan for an Altima 2.5S. I know that this is the same engine QR25DE, but will the same oil pan fit? It is 1/4th the price of the OEM part from the dealer.

Question is...
Will an oil pan from any other gen 2 QR25DE (2007+) engine fit my 2010 Sentra SpecV? There's the Rogue or Altima QR25DE oil pans, will either of those fit?

Thanks for taking time to read, and looking forward to your help!
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They won't fit. But you don't have to pay $400...

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