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I first had this issue about 8 months ago. My car would run fine in the morning and then in the afternoon or after sitting in it for a hour or 2 while in park I would shut it off and then 10-30 minutes later it would be a very long crank. then once it kicked over it would bog a little and i would hit the gas and then it would be fine. It didn't happen frequently and then it started happening often so the mechanic could not find the issue. Eventually it got so bad and then also the idling at lights and sitting in it at rest it finally almost stalled once and then when i started it it had a code P0300, random misfire code and 3 cylinder misfire and throttle position code.

The mechanic gave a tune up, replaced throttle body, all sparks plugs and 1 ignition coil.
the stalling and all codes did not come back except but 0300 then p0174 and intermittent rough idle upon hot start up still present.
Fuel presssure was fine, raised idle to 200RPM's but still the issue.

Then they replaced the mass air flow sensor and bank 2 air fuel ratio sensor, problem still exists and the P0300 code still present.

Then Replaced all Fuel injectors and rail O-Rings as per recommendation of Nisssan Head Tech. Condition returned on second startup and P0300 present.

They sent it to a computer specialist, had it for 6 days and theyre is no code and he can not find a problem.

Mechanic told me if it persists go straight to Nissan for a ECM.

The car has no code at the moment but idle is running odd( if i tap the gas pedal it shoots up to 2-3 rpms real quick and at idle in park or at light it just doesnt feel right, it doesnt drop below 1 rpms much but feels like on odd run, almost like its iddling normal but putting at same time. Now also once in a while i get a long crank.

Any Suggestions would be great. I keep researching it and it all seems to come down to the IACV and ECM needs to be changed ? Any Idea because i know this is expensive and dont want to do anything for no reason. Car is almost like new after all this work andi prefer not to get rid of it. it only has 90,000 miles and had all this done and would prefer to keep it for a long time.
Please anyone have any clue ???????
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