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Hey folks,

I will be attempting to change my CVT fluid first time at 80,000 miles. I went to the mechanic and his response was that if you don't have any problems with it doing even touch it be just to avoid any potential problems I will go ahead and do it.

I have a few questions below that I was hoping you can help me with:
1. I wanted to find out whether a flush (which can be done by a dealer only?) is really necessary or I can just get away with a simple drain and refill?

2. I read that I need 5 quarts of OEM transmission fluid and this is what I purchased. Is there a chance I would need more? I guess I will have to check the level after I fill in the new transmission fluid but I was wondering if it will be safe to add it later if I discover that the level is at a Minimum when dipping the stick.

3. I will need to replace the gasket after I unscrew the bolt. What I cannot find is the part number for this gasket... Does anyone knows what it is?

4. Besides just the YouTube videos, is there a good guide that you can recommend on how to do it on a 2007 Nissan (2.0 Base)

Thanks a lot for your help!
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