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08 altima 3.5 se

Really need help, tomorrow I am going to be replacing my intake manifold gaskets. I have a p0171 and p0174 code and I can hear the vacuum leak under the hood, basically that hissing sound. I have researched like crazy and fairly confident that I have all I need however I do have a few remaining unanswered questions that I am hoping you guys can help me out with.

1. What are other gaskets or parts that should be replaced when the intake manifold is removed. I know that I need to take this opportunity having so much taken apart or disconnected to replace more than just the manifold gaskets.

2. RTV sealant I've read both ways on the use of a sealant for the gaskets, what is yalls take on it for the 3.5? If agree to use of it which parts if specific and what color?

3. I am going to drain my coolant and also try and run the fuel out of the engine so to say by pulling the engine pump fuse while running. Chilton manual says nothing about this but I have seen it on many pages on the web. Is this something to do coolant drain? Is that the proper method on the fuel? Also I have heard reviews stating that I would need only genuine nissan coolant is this true and I cannot use like prestone?

4. I have heard that stuffing paper towels down the ports on the head is a good idea when taking a straight razor across to clear away any debris or whatnot that shouldn't be between the heads and the lower intake. Is this a good idea? Also have heard using crc brake cleaner on a clean rag to wipe down also.

5. It's late and I can't think of anything else I'm sure I will kick myself in the teeth tomorrow morning for forgetting to ask something.

Overall guys I would love any input on this job I know there are so many engine smart people on this forum and really hope my post draws enough attention for some much needed help or peace of mind, anY additional info is very welcome and appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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