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2009 altima hybrid

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Hi folks this is my situation:

Driver door handle is broken, unable to get into the car through this door
All Doors are locked (I can unlock the drivers door with the key but because the handle is broken cannot open it)
New battery in the intelligent key fob, unable to unlock doors with fob
Unable to open the trunk with the fob in hand using the push button on the right side of the license plate
Unable to open the windows using the fob
12V battery apparently dead, dead, dead
Tried to manually open the hood by pushing the latch to the left hood did not budge
I have a remote start but it was installed by the dealer a year or so after the sale

So my questions are:
Is there another pre-release lock for the main hood lock that I can manipulate through the grill?
If I get the hood open and use my portable charger would I be able to start the car with the remote start since I can't get into the car?

Something electrical must be draining my 12-V battery, it's not old enough to die like this

I think that's everything, hoping some of you have answers, suggestions or comments appreciate any help.

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Thanks for returning and letting us know how you corrected the problem with your Altima Hybrid.
I got into the car, purchased some AccessTools from JBTool, a lot cheaper than a locksmith or breaking something to gain entry.

I opened the trunk, checked the battery dead as a doornail. Jumped the car rechecked the battery read 14.12V so I think that tells me the alternator is ok? Went for a ride shut the car off checked the battery again and it was 9.32V. It started again next day, went for another ride, afterwards checked the battery it seemed to be holding steady at 11.16V. It sat for a few days, went out to start and nothing, battery was dead again. Any ideas on what could be draining the battery that quickly or is it possible that it just needs to be replaced again? I installed it new February 2022.

Thanks for any input, appreciate it.
I would replace the 12V battery with a new one and go from there.
Loadtest the battery first to make sure something in car not running battery down.
I’ll load test it first, thx amc49
it's dead having a replacement delivered after install will bring to dealer to have electrical system checked and the drivers door handle repaired.

thanks to everyone who took to the time to reply and provide advice and encouragement.
I'm still not convinced something electrical is wrong with the car, will follow up when I learn more. Am thinking it's the pushbutton start, but that's just my guess at this point
Are 'dldamp' and 'eagle6' the same poster?

Otherwise thread not making sense.
Battery replaced 5/17/23, load tested seems good. Tested Every day except one left it set for that day then tested the next so far so good. At this point seems to have been a bad battery.

Thank you both for the advice it is appreciated and why I post on this site.
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