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So I spent all day reading and reading and watching everything, but there are a few things that I would like cleared up.

So I have two options at this point (unless you suggest otherwise)

Option 1: Buy TheretroFit's "BI-XENON MORIMOTO MINI STAGE III (D2S)" and be done with it.

Option 2: Buy the following:


* LEXUS RX350 Projectors (non AFS) with STi-R lenses

* Add a bunch of wires/relays

The reason I want the MATSUSHITA other than assuming better performance, is that it should have a place under the headlight so I'm assuming I shouldn't worry too much about environmental conditions.

The RX350 projectors are apparently the best out there, but am I going to notice a big difference between the TRS D2S option? Does the RX350 even fit my headlight?

If I go with the RX350, how am I going to mount it?

My other questions are:

* What would you recommend for retrofitting the high beams? Is the H1 enough or should I buy something better? I want something to illuminate far away if I do this.

* Is adding an Sti-R or black series lenses actually worth it or noticeable for me?

* Is there a noticeable difference between a 3" or 2.5" lenses?

* Do I have to spray black paint or do people only do this for the looks? If it would look acceptable without doing it, I'm fine with leaving it as is. I don't care about looks.

* What is the most OEM-looking shroud?

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