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2010 Armada IPDM E/R

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I contacted two Nissan part departments and both reps tell me that I can't buy the IPDM as it needs to be programmed by the service department. My understanding is that the IPDM can be swapped with no further action.

1. Can someone who has performed an IPDM replacement confirm?
2. The parts representatives would not provide me with the IPDM part number - claiming they aren't allowed to provide part numbers. Does anybody know whether this is a thing?

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I see nothing saying they have to be programmed in the service manual.

Look for yourself in sections PG and PCS IIRC, and be sure to post at that website in thanks, they risk a lot to put those manuals up.

When you get to a section then go down to bottom of page where it says in red to download a copy, faster and it is yours to keep.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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