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I recently bought a 2020 Rogue that had been sitting a while. The battery was completely dead, wouldn't take a charge. Jump start didn't work either. I installed a new battery and it still would not start, so scanned for codes. I got a bunch of codes including one for incorrect crank sensor signal. I replaced the sensor, and it still wouldn't start. I let it sit for a couple of days with the battery un-hooked. Then on the next try it started up the very first time and ran perfectly and smoothly. I thought it was fixed and turned it off. The the next day it wouldn't start again. No CELs on, but a scan showed a stored code "lost communication with the transmission module". My OBD2 scanner will not clear that code. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I'll assume the DTC is a U0101 which means the ECU is unable to communicate with the TCM through the CAN lines. Inspect the harness connectors at the ECU and the TCM for tightness, oxidation of the pins or possible damage. You may have to unplug those harness connectors and run a continuity test of the lines end to end.
Well, now you know why they sold it..............
You sure it's not a flood car? When it doesn't start, is the red key security light on solid? And you say it 'doesnt start' does that mean no-crank or crank but no start?
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