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The sensor is sewed up inside the lower cushion. Intended to buy entire seat as the only fix. Your only option is to figure out how to get the sensor out to see if it is even fixable, often a simple broken contact and why it broke in the cold. Some of those sensors pulled out will make you laugh at how Chinese crappy they can be made, clearly to break early.

Welcome to 'unitized parts' where all the OEMs have gone to having the engineers look at the most commonly breaking parts then folded in with a much larger assembly of other parts to bump the price of a fix up hugely to increase the dealer parts sales amounts.

No longer can you get the cheaper single part, no solenoids only entire starter, no regulators only entire alternator, no a/c clutch only entire compressor assembly, no more CV axle boots, only the complete axle. Try to buy certain power steering line seals and the only way is by purchasing the entire line at $100+ instead of a $5 seal.

The engineers no longer chase new cars to give fixes unless forced, rather, they have been turned inward to look for ways to increase profits and unitized pricing is a big part of that now. They started doing it some 25 years ago and it has blossomed into almost needing to buy an engine to get a spark plug and that will be next if they get their way.
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