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hey all, i posted this in my new members thread not thinking very clearly lol so if u see it there plz disregard lol

Firstly as the title says im an aussie so hopefully i can get the same parts here ;)

My names Mark and i just purchased my first z car and wow!! i love it more then life haha
Its going to be my weekend cruiser/ track - mountain fun car and id like to get some feed back on FI

From what i have read (and i am open to any criticism) is that Supercharging my z with a stage 2 GTM turn key kit @ 8psi (or aussie equivalent) is the way to go for keeping the internals stock, keeping reliability at the same time as giving it a bit more bang in the straights and out of corners? in comparison to the Greddy twins i hear a lot of peeps using.

Considering i want rapid response for exiting corners and smashing up straights a supercharger would be the correct choice?

i guess id like to also confirm that running 8psi will not require any internal work and that the standard suspension will suffice?
Will i need a oil cooler kit as i read that it is a must for FI

and finally id like to hear some thoughts on the comparison to my mates 2012 FT86 that he is also supercharging pros/cons of both i know its a lot of info but any advice is hugely appreciated :)
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