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So I have been getting the 420 code for awhile but have not needed to get it fixed till now. I have ran it with the scanner, erased the code multiple times (just to check) replaced both o2 sensors and still kept getting the code. I did notice a crack right past the flex pipe in the exhaust pipe. I tried to seal it but haven't had any luck getting the seals to stick or stay. I have one more thing I'm trying today to get the leak sealed and that's a exhaust crack clamp (best way I can describe it). I have to go under a heat shield so I don't know if it will fix it or not.
My main point to this is or question rather is, could the crack be the issue for the code. It has 185k on the engine but I have maintained perfect maintenance on it and I drive/travel a lot. 110k in a little over 2 yrs (mostly hwy). So I have kept up with any and all needed maintenance. I also have been working in a mechanic shop until recently but it's a benz shop so the 2 techs we have don't know much about nissans or Asian cars in general. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I have 5 days to get it inspected and don't have the loot to throw at costly parts. A cheaper after market cat or exhaust maybe but it still would be a push to be able to afford. Thanks again
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