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2013 maxima valve body

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I have a 2013 maxima that’s throwing P0746
Pressure Control Solenoid A Performance/Stuck Off code. Does anyone know where I can get parts for re0f09a jf010e valve body. All the rebuilds I find are on eBay or Amazon. Buying parts off of them makes me nervous.
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Uh, VB parts are pretty much matched to the main body, not wise to go mixing and matching there.

Your code as well could easily be for hydraulic leakage in main operating parts and nothing like VB may touch it. So many do that and solenoids or steppers if CVT and common to not work well if it doesn't make things even worse.

No rocket science there, bad VB valves and their bores will show it if you look close. AND, there is usually a pressure adjustment on the VB as the pressure solenoid only adds an amount to that main adjustment, it can be boosted up by itself but you have to know where it is located on the VB.

You may get it running only to have increased wear then overwhelm what you have established to then bring trans down again in short order.

Luck, but be ready for it. Unusual to find small parts for VBs, generally the habit is to sell them complete.
Your best bet is to search for the whole valve body as OEM parts won’t be available. Also, many times one eBay solenoid costs half as much as a valve body. Plus, you may have to completely disassemble the valve body in order to replace a solenoid. It’s not hard to do if you’re mechanically inclined but could be a tedious process and time consuming.
You just generally get no result cleaning one completely and if you find trash in it you have much more serious issues elsewhere, I guarantee it. The VB is supposed to be the absolute cleanest part in a car and why the kick-ss filtration setup to make it so.

I clean one fully on a trans rebuild but never at any other time.
I took the vb completely apart to make sure there wasn’t anything in side of it. The only thing I seen was that there’s supposed to be 2 screen filters inside of the vb and there was not. When it first throw the code the car would not move at all on it’s Owen. After it sat for about 2-3 hours it would struggle in first gear, but once it shifted into second, it felt like there was nothing wrong with it. The transmission fluid had 141,000 on it and was dark in color. So I was kind hoping cleaning the vb would fix the problem but it didn’t. Never had any problems with the transmission at all until it broke down with
P0746 Pressure Control Solenoid A Performance/Stuck Off code. I don’t have the extra money to take it to a shop. What would be the best thing to do next. I can handle any of the mechanical work except for pulling the transmission and that just bc I don’t have the space to do so.
The trans going that long with no fluid change has likely worn to make the code. You can try changing fluid but it may even make it worse. Most shops won't change fluid on one run that long to not get blamed when/if it gets worse. One could change the pressure solenoid too but with fluid that dead I wouldn't have high hopes.

The 2 screens may mean nothing. Common for first year to not have them but then a few problems show up and they come back to add the screens in crucial places to stop a problem. You would have to know what the exact hydro circuits are the screens were supposed to be in. Later modded service manuals might have them shown.

Gotta keep that fluid fresh and changed, so many do that and how a 300K transmission then dies at only half that mileage. People will change engine oil at 3K miles yet let the trans fluid stay in trans forever to kill the car and of course the car could care less about how much money one has.
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