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2013 Pathfinder Radio Volume

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Hello, first time poster. I have a 2013 Pathfinder SV with what I think is a standard head unit. It has a small screen with the following:
  • Receiver, (AM-FM-stereo-CD)
  • Sirius/XM via the Aux button
  • Single disc player
  • No navigation system
  • No Bose audio system
Recently, the volume stopped working on it, neither the head unit knob nor the steering wheel control will change the volume. When turning the knob, the volume level (how many bars) is "stuck" on the screen and there's no sound coming from the unit. Before I buy a new head unit, wondering if anyone's had this issue and was able to fix another way.

At this point, the issue is intermittent. Sometimes the radio works fine and sometimes it doesn't. If the unit works, it stays working until the car is turned off. But sometimes, the volume doesn't work when turning the car on.

No other issues with the unit are apparent, the channels still change and the A/C controls are still fine/visible.

The issue seems isolated to the radio volume.

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it may has a fuse related problem or the wiring in itself that made the volume lower !

Following up on this since I figured it out. I had to replace the head unit completely. As I've ready, it may have been a failing amplifier part within the unit.

More specifically, I replaced p/n 2591A 1SX5E with a used unit from eBay. After replacing it using a YouTube video to remove the dashboard covers, it worked fine. Price for unit on eBay was $70. Plus $10 for plastic tools on Amazon. So, the all in was around $80.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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