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2014 Altima 2.5S APP Sensor error code

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Delayed response from accelerator, sudden boost, then capped performance. Took it in to O'Reilly's Auto for OBD test and got 6 returned error codes (technician didn't show me each long enough to restate them reliably here), all of which were Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor related. I've ordered my own OBD-2 scanner and multimeter to narrow down the cause but the employee at O'Reilly's said that it could be a couple different sensors outside of the actual APP sensor on the pedal. If true, where else should I be looking to ensure I do the correct repair with the correct parts without wasting extra money? I've tried searching around and keep finding conflicting information on what to check for an APP sensor error.

TL;DR - Are there any other components I should check beyond the APP sensor, its direct wiring harness, and my battery (to make sure proper voltage is being supplied) for an APP sensor related error code?
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Update: I found this website (Nissan accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor - Erwin Salarda) that breaks down the code and found that, outside the USA, the Altima is also known as the Teana. It shows several different components that a P2138 error could be thrown by but I haven't found any corroborating information about anything listed. Instead, the only other information I've found says that it could be "an issue with the computer" (with no clarification on what I would need to do in that case) or my TPS or throttle body. Since the guy at O'Reilly's didn't really give me a long enough look at the code, I'm not 100% sure that it's P2138 specifically but I do remember it saying Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor something something for all 6 codes. If anyone here has had to diagnose something related to the APP sensor and has some insight as to where else I may need to look if my wiring, connector, battery, and sensor appear to be fine, I would greatly appreciate it. I do DoorDash for work and can't really afford to be without my car for extended periods and don't really want to throw money at it by unnecessarily replacing parts.
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I used to do the same O'reilly code reading and I couldn't force people to even care about the codes, they would refuse to write them down and I would insist on it. You should do the same with your guy there.

What good is code reading if your head dumps it in 5 minutes? LOOK after your own best interests there.
I ended up getting my own code reader with live data graphing and trying to narrow it down. Ultimately, I didn't know where to look based on the live data and didn't feel comfortable digging into my engine to get at the TPS and throttle body to inspect because I'm still fairly new to advanced maintenance and repair, so it went into the shop instead.
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