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My stereo was working fine this morning. I parked at work and a few hours later when I started it up, it said my phone was connected, but music didn't start as it usually does. I went into my phone's Bluetooth settings, disconnected, tried to reconnect, but "my Altima" wasn't even showing in the list after scanning. I went into the cars settings and tried to delete my phone from the list. It said deleted but still showed up. I went back and turned Bluetooth off on the stereo. Now the on/off toggle is stuck to off.
So I tried radio, no sound (for sure it was turned on and so was the volume).
I clicked the command button on my steering wheel, it would normally say "say a command like phone...", It didn't say that. I would say a command and it froze and wouldn't go back.

I already have an appointment to get it looked at as I bought it less than a year ago from a dealership so it's under warranty, but I'm wondering if there's a way to factory reset the whole stereo so that I don't have to wait weeks (or more) to get it fixed if it's simple.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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