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2015 rogue select door handle key FOB chip.

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The little corner peace where you insert You're key. into the door fell off somehow and I'm not sure of that part had the chip in it but now my rogue will not start. it's Not the battery I just bought a 5 pack of Them so Is there a way to bypass or disable the door part of the FoB. And I only have one key FOB and no spares or regular ones so
I'm trying to figure out something Either free or an inexpensive way of getting around Either free or an inexpensive way of getting around us any help would be held any help would be hella Appreciated. I'm not 100% that there is a chip in that part of the door but I believe I read somewhere that there was if I'm wrong. Then i'd appreciate knowing that too and I will also add a picture of what my key Fo
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