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Hello everyone, im the owner of a 2016 Altima 3.5 SR. I decided to make this forum in regards to having everyone share their mods and images of their 2016 3.5 Altima(or 2.5, whatever you want, just preferably 2016).

My mods are currently, cat back straight pipe. Went the cheap way. Its loud. Lots of drone. Wanting a better exhaust later. The drone is too much to handle haha. Also have a 10.2 in display in it from China. Only issues is that it stated (bolt in for 2016. Which in reality, it was bolt in for a 2014-2015.) So my rear camera doesnt work and it has no air vents inside??‍♂

Still planning on my next mods to be CAI, splitters from Stillen, and different rims.

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