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2016 base Altima swap driver seat w Jeep?

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Hey guys so I have a 2016 Altima. And I have a 2014 Jeep Patriot. I would like to swap the driver seat from the Jeep Patriot to the Nissan Altima if possible. I have back issues and the Nissan Altima seats are not that comfortable plus the Jeep Patriot has heated seats. I was wondering if this would be at all possible or what do I need to look at to find out if so? Tia
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Doesn't look like anyone has had any experience in that area, so you will need to survey the situation closely yourself. It the seat mounts look similar and have the same distances between mounts, it may be worth pulling one seat and then looking for comparisons again before pulling the other seat. Be sure to remove the negative terminal from the battery before pulling any seat. You don't want the airbags to go off.
Swapping seats is something you can usually look at as not being bolt on, the differences will range from drilling only for new bolt pattern all the way up to major rework getting them to fit in the car. And if anyone like inspection guy can tell they have been modded then you may not pass safety inspection, as OEM seats will pass crash testing, your new mod is not guaranteed to do so.
Have you given any thought to not having working airbags in your car after the seat swap, once your airbag light is illuminated?
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